02 june 2021

"art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." william blake

leave it to me to launch my new personal blog basically announcing "let's get naked." but, here we are. i got tired of writing on my brand - related topics on a schedule. so, i decided to launch a personal blog. no rules. i write about what i want. i'm a writer. i write. who knows. i might even launch into poetry in a post or two. i want to be here just me. no brand. no expectation. no rhyme or reason (except with poetry, of course.)

favorite topics i tend to focus on will be in eclectic range including - but not limited to - identity, belonging. adoptee issues, grief, trauma, faith, pet peeve rants if i really get fired up, stories, prompted writing, midlife issues, and so it goes.

but my goal with each post will be to just be my raw, naked self. i will assure you that will not be in the literal sense. i won't come here to hide. just explore what's on my mind. i hope i inspire you. challenge you. make you think. encourage you to reach out and take the conversations started here... deeper.